Is it a bird? A plane? Nope. GW students making Superhero Smoothies

29 Sep

This week in cooking class at George Watts Montessori, students made “Superhero Salads” and “Superhero Smoothies.” Each had all the nutrients you need in a day. For the smoothies, the surprise ingredients were spinach and basil. Here’s what a class looked like. Oh, one thing first — thanks to all the fabulous volunteers who turned […]

What Primary is doing in the garden lately

27 Sep

This is a story about the amazing ripple effect that a single person can have. Last year, a parent (not me!) of a Primary student in Ms. Baker’s class offered to help out by taking the students outside to the Edible Garden every week. The plan grew: The parent decided she may as well plan a string of lessons for the students to do outside. This is what the garden looked like on one of her volunteer days.

Summertime lull? Not in this school garden

10 Aug

Cooking with veggies during summer camp, Garden Giveaway markets, student interns … the garden was in full swing this summer. Here’s a look at what happened: Students who came to the school’s summer camps feasted on tomatoes plucked right off the vine, and cooked traditional Latino dishes, made with the garden’s vegetables. These photos were […]

On August 27, eat for the school garden

1 Aug

On August 27, Lantern restaurant in Chapel Hill will donate proceeds from the evening to George Watts’ Edible Garden. The event is part of Chez Panisse Foundation’s “Eating for Education” campaign. The fabulous Andrea Reusing, chef and owner of Lantern, proposed that her restaurant join the campaign and then send  proceeds from the night to […]

Summertime students pick a peck of peppers and then some

12 Jul

Like last summer, the school garden is bursting at the seams with vegetables. You might even call it jungle-like. How are we getting all this food to our school community’s families? Well, let me tell you… Every week through July, George Watts students are harvesting once a week, then giving away the fresh vegetables at […]

Digging these roots recipes

24 Jun

George Watts Montessori kicked off its first gardening-nutrition-cooking classes during the final two weeks of school. Photographer Susie Post Rust took so many fabulous photos, I just had to post a few here. (Scroll down to see them all.) Students harvested for ingredients then made these two “roots” recipes — and only a handful left […]

Take my radishes — please!

15 Jun

  I’ve written a guest post for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website today — a piece called “Finding Garden Solutions in Durham, N.C.” Here’s an excerpt for you… I had spent the early-morning hours uprooting and tossing into the compost heap dozens of perfectly healthy lettuce plants from my daughters’ elementary school garden in Durham, […]

Chef Andrea Reusing cooks with kids

1 Jun

Chef Andrea Reusing of Lantern came this week to harvest in the school garden and prepare a fresh salad with a buttermilk-based dressing — all built around what’s in our edible garden right now. Chef Andrea has been in the news a lot lately, having recently published a fabulous cookbook called Cooking in the Moment […]