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What does a school garden do all summer?

3 Sep

“What does a school garden do over the summer?” It’s one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. The answer, in short, is, “We never stop.” Because our school runs a six-week literacy bridge program over the summer, the garden is geared toward those students and their families. Here’s what happened in our garden this […]

Summertime lull? Not in this school garden

10 Aug

Cooking with veggies during summer camp, Garden Giveaway markets, student interns … the garden was in full swing this summer. Here’s a look at what happened: Students who came to the school’s summer camps feasted on tomatoes plucked right off the vine, and cooked traditional Latino dishes, made with the garden’s vegetables. These photos were […]

Summertime students pick a peck of peppers and then some

12 Jul

Like last summer, the school garden is bursting at the seams with vegetables. You might even call it jungle-like. How are we getting all this food to our school community’s families? Well, let me tell you… Every week through July, George Watts students are harvesting once a week, then giving away the fresh vegetables at […]

Tomatoes, cantaloupe and squash — oh my!

24 Aug

I’ve heard from several parents that they felt so inspired by the school garden that they started on of their own at home. Here’s one such tale from parent Kisha Daniels, who has three children at George Watts: Our adventures in gardening began around the same time as the veggies in the school’s Edible Garden […]

Path ready for prime time … almost

5 Aug

With the bulldozers running from dawn until dust, the playground walking trail is almost finished. Bikers and walkers are welcome to come take it for a spin. This morning brought the arrival of a truckload of boulders, which will be used to slow down erosion on the grounds. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but […]

Kid-to-kid: GW students gain a garden mentor for summer

29 Jun

Talk to anyone about youth gardens in Durham, and eventually the name “SEEDS” will be uttered.┬áIt’s simply one of the best programs going, when it comes to youth-oriented urban gardening. So I’m thrilled that the George Watts PTA is collaborating with SEEDS on the school’s summer “Garden Giveaway Day” project, in which we harvest the […]