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Take my radishes — please!

15 Jun

  I’ve written a guest post for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website today — a piece called “Finding Garden Solutions in Durham, N.C.” Here’s an excerpt for you… I had spent the early-morning hours uprooting and tossing into the compost heap dozens of perfectly healthy lettuce plants from my daughters’ elementary school garden in Durham, […]

Scavenger hunt in the garden

26 Apr

Do you know where to find the plant that smells like licorice? Or which plant can be used to treat a snake bite? What follows is a special Spring Scavenger Hunt for the school’s edible garden — a guide to exploring the textures, smells and plants … beyond the strawberry bed! So print out, grab […]

Sit Spot lessons

25 Apr

The Sit Spot is an age-old practice of going to one spot in nature on a regular basis over a long period of time and making observations of what happens around you. Classrooms at George Watts Montessori have been doing it: The benefit is that kids become more skilled at observing. They may notice the shape […]

‘Seed-to-snack’ garden grows healthy snackers

28 Feb

You’ve heard of “farm to fork,” right? Think of this season’s garden as a “seed-to-snack” project. Students at George Watts Montessori started planting seeds last week, and they’ll keep going until school gets out. By April, students should be able to start picking from the school’s edible garden to make their own classroom snacks. Imagine […]

Radish with your chips?

9 Jun

Our friends down the road at EK Powe hosted a Radish Day last week, which turned out really well by all accounts. For the entire school day, the fearless Jen Minnelli, chair of the PTA’s Slow Food committee, stationed herself at a “Taste Table” with tortilla chips, radish salsa and vegetable dip. And as kids […]

Green smoothies and 320 adventurous eaters

8 Jun

Today we held our final food-in-the-garden event of the school year at George Watts, and what a finale it was. On the menu: grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and basil, and green smoothies. More on that in minute. First, I must thank Becca Wright, our school nutritionist, and the team of volunteers who worked in […]

1-minute gardening: Digging the hole

30 Mar

During a recent planting day at our school, Sarah Vroom of Bountiful Backyards told students how to dig holes for our plants and why we amend the clay-rich soil found on our grounds. [youtube=]