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Summertime students pick a peck of peppers and then some

12 Jul

Like last summer, the school garden is bursting at the seams with vegetables. You might even call it jungle-like. How are we getting all this food to our school community’s families? Well, let me tell you… Every week through July, George Watts students are harvesting once a week, then giving away the fresh vegetables at […]

‘Seed-to-snack’ garden grows healthy snackers

28 Feb

You’ve heard of “farm to fork,” right? Think of this season’s garden as a “seed-to-snack” project. Students at George Watts Montessori started planting seeds last week, and they’ll keep going until school gets out. By April, students should be able to start picking from the school’s edible garden to make their own classroom snacks. Imagine […]

5 ways edible gardens make kids smarter and healthier

1 Feb

I just created a presentation about the evolution of our school garden at George Watts Montessori. (I can’t wait to tell you why I was doing that, but that will have to wait for another post.) To show what we’ve accomplished, I delved into the 5 biggest ways the garden has contributed to the students’ health and academics.

Harvest-to-Home Giveaway!

17 Dec

This week and last, I sent home large bags of fresh-grown lettuce and spinach from the Edible Garden to school families.* We’ve done this sort of giveaway before, and I’ll tell you why: 1. We can find good homes for vegetables that might otherwise languish uneaten in the garden. 2. Families who receive something fresh […]

Smells like garlic season

3 Nov

My recent garden session with fourth and fifth graders at George Watts Montessori started with a question: “When you buy garlic at the grocery store, where do you think that garlic comes from?” The students had never really thought about it, so they cautiously offered answers. One student said, “It depends on what store you […]

You think watering is simple? Think again

20 Sep

If you’re a plant, you’ve been out of luck the past couple of weeks. We haven’t had a hint of rain, and it’s been hot as blazes. Everything in my yard looks depressed. More importantly, all the newly planted seeds and seedlings at my daughters’ school garden are in danger of withering up. I can […]

From dull to delicious: the making of a garden

26 Aug

Before I post images of the school grounds as they are now — with the new walking trail, boulders and gardening space — here’s a look at the first few months of the Edible Garden project, beginning in January 2009. It all started with a patch of grass surrounded by a chain-link fence, a vision […]

These paths were made for walking

30 Jul

If only you could look out my living room window and see what I’m seeing: The work crew is digging the new walking path for the George Watts playground as I write, and it’s all I can do not to run outside and trot around on all those new rocks. They’ve got backhoes and everything. […]