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These paths were made for walking

30 Jul

If only you could look out my living room window and see what I’m seeing: The work crew is digging the new walking path for the George Watts playground as I write, and it’s all I can do not to run outside and trot around on all those new rocks. They’ve got backhoes and everything. […]

School walking path, outdoor classroom coming soon!

14 Jul

Eighteen months ago, a few dozen parents, teachers and students met in the George Watts media center to doodle and draw our way to an “edible schoolyard.” The group, led by Durham Area Designers, was asked, “What would you want an edible schoolyard to look like at George Watts? Where would you put it? What […]

Kid-to-kid: GW students gain a garden mentor for summer

29 Jun

Talk to anyone about youth gardens in Durham, and eventually the name “SEEDS” will be uttered.┬áIt’s simply one of the best programs going, when it comes to youth-oriented urban gardening. So I’m thrilled that the George Watts PTA is collaborating with SEEDS on the school’s summer “Garden Giveaway Day” project, in which we harvest the […]

Free gardening class for teachers

4 Mar

Have you ever wished you felt more comfortable with gardening in a schoolyard setting? This is a golden opportunity, because it’s a free class from Frank Hyman, a wonderful organic farmer, landscape designer and local expert (who has installed gardens at Durham Academy and Central Park School for Children). Frank donated a fig tree to […]