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Growing beyond our garden

22 Mar

How can you get your garden-planning process off the ground? How should teachers roll out lessons in the garden, or cooking classes in a school? Why is all this growing-your-own-food stuff so important, anyway? Over the past month, our school took part in three big events that attempted to answer these questions. This year, especially, […]

What Primary is doing in the garden lately

27 Sep

This is a story about the amazing ripple effect that a single person can have. Last year, a parent (not me!) of a Primary student in Ms. Baker’s class offered to help out by taking the students outside to the Edible Garden every week. The plan grew: The parent decided she may as well plan a string of lessons for the students to do outside. This is what the garden looked like on one of her volunteer days.

On August 27, eat for the school garden

1 Aug

On August 27, Lantern restaurant in Chapel Hill will donate proceeds from the evening to George Watts’ Edible Garden. The event is part of Chez Panisse Foundation’s “Eating for Education” campaign. The fabulous Andrea Reusing, chef and owner of Lantern, proposed that her restaurant join the campaign and then send  proceeds from the night to […]

What would a hacker do?

14 Apr

Have you heard about Mick Ebeling? He spoke at a TED gathering this month and told an amazing story about helping a well-known graffiti artist named Tempt. After being gripped by the nerve disease ALS, Tempt was left paralyzed, except for the use of his eyes. Tempt’s family wanted a way to communicate with him. […]

Sneak peek at the new mobile cooking station

24 Mar

As I wrote in a previous post, I’m working with three design students from North Carolina State University and their professor to design a new mobile cooking station for George Watts Montessori school. This rolling wonder is how we’ll transform nutrition lessons from talking sessions into hands-on cooking-and-tasting sessions, using vegetables from the school garden. […]

Reading, writing and ratatouille: Students get cooking

18 Feb

Starting a school garden is not unlike buying a soup spoon. You can’t fully enjoy a new soup spoon until you also buy the soup bowl and the soup to fill it. And students can’t fully enjoy a school garden until they harvest its vegetables and fruits — then take the next step of cooking and […]

Are you ready?

20 Oct

Only 11 more days until the cooking-eating-gardening-crafts-and-music extravaganza known as … Expect hands-on cooking lessons for kids, mind-bendingly good (and healthful) tastings, pumpkins for painting, games, crafts and live music! Kids can crank an old-fashioned apple press by hand and see the apples turn into juice before their eyes! Teachers will take to the stage […]

Path ready for prime time … almost

5 Aug

With the bulldozers running from dawn until dust, the playground walking trail is almost finished. Bikers and walkers are welcome to come take it for a spin. This morning brought the arrival of a truckload of boulders, which will be used to slow down erosion on the grounds. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but […]