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30 cooking classes down. 30 more to go.

2 Nov

I remember that when I was in middle school, my Home Ec teacher taught me to change a diaper. She also taught me how to sew an apron using a sewing machine. I’m pretty sure there were no boys in that class. It all sounds so terribly old-fashioned and sexist now, really. But in that class, I also learned how to cook.

Scavenger hunt in the garden

26 Apr

Do you know where to find the plant that smells like licorice? Or which plant can be used to treat a snake bite? What follows is a special Spring Scavenger Hunt for the school’s edible garden — a guide to exploring the textures, smells and plants … beyond the strawberry bed! So print out, grab […]

Sit Spot lessons

25 Apr

The Sit Spot is an age-old practice of going to one spot in nature on a regular basis over a long period of time and making observations of what happens around you. Classrooms at George Watts Montessori have been doing it: The benefit is that kids become more skilled at observing. They may notice the shape […]

Reading, writing and ratatouille: Students get cooking

18 Feb

Starting a school garden is not unlike buying a soup spoon. You can’t fully enjoy a new soup spoon until you also buy the soup bowl and the soup to fill it. And students can’t fully enjoy a school garden until they harvest its vegetables and fruits — then take the next step of cooking and […]

5 ways edible gardens make kids smarter and healthier

1 Feb

I just created a presentation about the evolution of our school garden at George Watts Montessori. (I can’t wait to tell you why I was doing that, but that will have to wait for another post.) To show what we’ve accomplished, I delved into the 5 biggest ways the garden has contributed to the students’ health and academics.

Dig it, eat it: Wednesday is ‘Garden Giveaway Day’

17 Jun

“These cucumbers are prickly!” “I’ve never seen so much garlic in one place.” “My mom grows tomatoes like these at home.” Students Daniel, Luis, Jonathan and Christina were full of observations as we harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, basil and garlic in the George Watts Montessori garden yesterday. As they plucked Sun Gold tomatoes and banana […]

Making the jump from garden to Living Classroom

8 Feb

Science is everywhere you turn in a school garden, from the photosynthesizing leaves to the armadillo-style pill bugs that help break down leaves into compost. But unless a teacher is already comfortable in a garden, he may need guidance in using it as an outdoor classroom where kids can get their hands dirty. Before you […]

Science in the garden: Why soil matters

4 Jan

Winter is a great time to rest, whether you’re a plant or a person, so we’re all taking advantage of the lull in the garden at George Watts Montessori. Some of our vegetables, like the cabbages and carrots, are close to being harvested, and everything else has already been plucked or slowed down until spring. […]