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Kid-to-kid: GW students gain a garden mentor for summer

29 Jun

Talk to anyone about youth gardens in Durham, and eventually the name “SEEDS” will be uttered. It’s simply one of the best programs going, when it comes to youth-oriented urban gardening. So I’m thrilled that the George Watts PTA is collaborating with SEEDS on the school’s summer “Garden Giveaway Day” project, in which we harvest the […]

The Great Tomato Giveaway!

19 May

Today at George Watts we’re sending home free tomato plants with families. Yours truly will be trotting out plants after school, accosting parents in the pick-up line. I sure hope we get a good response, because I have a LOT of tomato plants, people. The idea is to encourage people to grow their own and […]

Garden tour: Lakewood Elementary

20 Nov


Garden tour: George Watts’ Montessori Magnet

20 Nov

The school’s 3,000 sq. ft. educational Edible Garden was started this year, in partnership with Bountiful Backyards and using seed money from the PTA and Burt’s Bees. The demonstration garden now includes a rain garden, fruiting perennials (including blackberries, bush cherries, fig tree and pomegranates), a butterfly garden, herbs and annual vegetables. The Edible Garden […]