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What does a school garden do all summer?

3 Sep

“What does a school garden do over the summer?” It’s one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. The answer, in short, is, “We never stop.” Because our school runs a six-week literacy bridge program over the summer, the garden is geared toward those students and their families. Here’s what happened in our garden this […]

Garden (and Beyond) Inspiration

9 Mar

“A beautifully prepared environment, where deliberate thought has gone into everything from the garden paths to the plates on the tables, communicates to children that we care about them.” –Alice Waters

What Primary is doing in the garden lately

27 Sep

This is a story about the amazing ripple effect that a single person can have. Last year, a parent (not me!) of a Primary student in Ms. Baker’s class offered to help out by taking the students outside to the Edible Garden every week. The plan grew: The parent decided she may as well plan a string of lessons for the students to do outside. This is what the garden looked like on one of her volunteer days.

Summertime lull? Not in this school garden

10 Aug

Cooking with veggies during summer camp, Garden Giveaway markets, student interns … the garden was in full swing this summer. Here’s a look at what happened: Students who came to the school’s summer camps feasted on tomatoes plucked right off the vine, and cooked traditional Latino dishes, made with the garden’s vegetables. These photos were […]

5 ways edible gardens make kids smarter and healthier

1 Feb

I just created a presentation about the evolution of our school garden at George Watts Montessori. (I can’t wait to tell you why I was doing that, but that will have to wait for another post.) To show what we’ve accomplished, I delved into the 5 biggest ways the garden has contributed to the students’ health and academics.

Picking tomatoes in October & other amazing feats

15 Oct

Even as I impatiently await the return of truly cold weather — so I can once again wear my favorite black boots — I marvel at what this extended warm weather has done for the school garden. Every day, students are able to pick ripe tomatoes from the vine and eat them on the spot. […]

You think watering is simple? Think again

20 Sep

If you’re a plant, you’ve been out of luck the past couple of weeks. We haven’t had a hint of rain, and it’s been hot as blazes. Everything in my yard looks depressed. More importantly, all the newly planted seeds and seedlings at my daughters’ school garden are in danger of withering up. I can […]

Tomatoes, cantaloupe and squash — oh my!

24 Aug

I’ve heard from several parents that they felt so inspired by the school garden that they started on of their own at home. Here’s one such tale from parent Kisha Daniels, who has three children at George Watts: Our adventures in gardening began around the same time as the veggies in the school’s Edible Garden […]