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Is it a bird? A plane? Nope. GW students making Superhero Smoothies

29 Sep

This week in cooking class at George Watts Montessori, students made “Superhero Salads” and “Superhero Smoothies.” Each had all the nutrients you need in a day. For the smoothies, the surprise ingredients were spinach and basil. Here’s what a class looked like. Oh, one thing first — thanks to all the fabulous volunteers who turned […]

Sit Spot lessons

25 Apr

The Sit Spot is an age-old practice of going to one spot in nature on a regular basis over a long period of time and making observations of what happens around you.¬†Classrooms at George Watts Montessori have been doing it: The benefit is that kids become more skilled at observing. They may notice the shape […]

Confessions of a school gardener

23 Nov

I have a confession.¬†Before I tell you my secret, though, recall with me for a moment all the work we’ve done around salads at the George Watts edible garden over the past couple of years. First, we planted a Salad Garden. We held “Salad Days” in the garden, where kids plucked fresh lettuce leaves, made […]

Eating healthy in the classroom

4 Nov

This week I have a guest post by Lower Elementary teacher Lauren Vejvoda, who talks about one of the true gifts of an Edible Garden — food that kids can pick and eat: Some of my students have been checking the lettuce in the Edible Garden daily to measure its progress. They’ve been really excited […]

Smells like garlic season

3 Nov

My recent garden session with fourth and fifth graders at George Watts Montessori started with a question: “When you buy garlic at the grocery store, where do you think that garlic comes from?” The students had never really thought about it, so they cautiously offered answers. One student said, “It depends on what store you […]

Are you ready?

20 Oct

Only 11 more days until the cooking-eating-gardening-crafts-and-music extravaganza known as … Expect hands-on cooking lessons for kids, mind-bendingly good (and healthful) tastings, pumpkins for painting, games, crafts and live music! Kids can crank an old-fashioned apple press by hand and see the apples turn into juice before their eyes! Teachers will take to the stage […]

Picking tomatoes in October & other amazing feats

15 Oct

Even as I impatiently await the return of truly cold weather — so I can once again wear my favorite black boots — I marvel at what this extended warm weather has done for the school garden. Every day, students are able to pick ripe tomatoes from the vine and eat them on the spot. […]

My, how you’ve grown

1 Oct

Fourth and fifth grade students are introduced to the edible garden with a lesson called “Garden Changes Over Time.” It goes something like this: Measure the length and width of the garden. Use the measurements to create a grid over the garden map that divides the entire space into one-meter squares. (And voila — math.) […]