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Making the jump from garden to Living Classroom

8 Feb

Science is everywhere you turn in a school garden, from the photosynthesizing leaves to the armadillo-style pill bugs that help break down leaves into compost. But unless a teacher is already comfortable in a garden, he may need guidance in using it as an outdoor classroom where kids can get their hands dirty. Before you […]

Today’s headlines

6 Jan

Anyone interested in school gardens has likely stumbled on the obvious connections between gardens, nutrition and local food systems. A few stories from today’s newspapers that explore those links: Agriculture focus helps rural Kansas school (The Wichita Eagle) Educators in Kansas are using agriculture as a basis to teach all subjects to K-5 students at […]

Science in the garden: Why soil matters

4 Jan

Winter is a great time to rest, whether you’re a plant or a person, so we’re all taking advantage of the lull in the garden at George Watts Montessori. Some of our vegetables, like the cabbages and carrots, are close to being harvested, and everything else has already been plucked or slowed down until spring. […]

Eat it: A taste of the fall garden

21 Dec

Things are growing in the garden. So now what? That’s one of the vexing challenges of a school garden: finding ways for kids to “cook” the food they’ve grown. A few schools, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, where Alice Waters started her first famous Edible Schoolyard, have built a dedicated […]

Garden tour: Lakewood Elementary

20 Nov


Garden tour: George Watts’ Montessori Magnet

20 Nov

The school’s 3,000 sq. ft. educational Edible Garden was started this year, in partnership with Bountiful Backyards and using seed money from the PTA and Burt’s Bees. The demonstration garden now includes a rain garden, fruiting perennials (including blackberries, bush cherries, fig tree and pomegranates), a butterfly garden, herbs and annual vegetables. The Edible Garden […]