Summertime lull? Not in this school garden

10 Aug

Cooking with veggies during summer camp, Garden Giveaway markets, student interns … the garden was in full swing this summer. Here’s a look at what happened:

Students who came to the school’s summer camps feasted on tomatoes plucked right off the vine, and cooked traditional Latino dishes, made with the garden’s vegetables. These photos were all taken in Ms. Carolina Musawwir’s classroom. Wouldn’t you love a bite of these empanadas and plantains her students made?

Prepping the plantains

Harvesting for edibles in the school garden

The final spread!

Made by students, from start to finish

Meanwhile, three garden interns — all middle-schoolers — did a weekly harvest over five weeks, then set up a Garden Giveaway stand for families whose children were enrolled in the literacy bridge program. We gave away many baskets’ worth of cucumber, five varieties of tomatoes, carrots, radishes, onions, garlic and peppers.

It’s one of my favorite aspects of the garden, because I know that parents are only taking what they want and need — and I know it’ll all be eaten.

The goods at one of the five weekly Garden Giveaways

Lastly, the parents of George Watts Montessori kicked into high gear this summer by volunteering to keep the garden healthy through some insanely hot weeks.

Huge thanks to these folks for their wonderful summertime service:

  • Maria Oyaski, who planted a butterfly garden and labeled all the tomato plants so we could tell them apart.
  • Liz Healey, who (along with her daughters) kept the new peanut and sweet potato plants alive by watering like a fierce warrior every day.
  • Kristen Hendrickson, who watered every day and whose children helped paint the now-gorgeous garden shed.
  • Rachel Raney, lucky Rachel Raney, who was rewarded with a week of rain and so used her time to make great strides in taming the explosion of weeds.
  • Kathleen Duval and Kathleen Batson, who collaboratively tackled two weeks’ worth of pruning, clearing out beds and snapping off basil flowers.
  • Kellianne White, who continues to give her time to the garden, even though she volunteers for so many other things at the school. How does she do it all?
  • Heather Chambers, who said “yes” when we needed a pinch-hitter for a day.
  • Sabrina Lamar, who weeded and swept so thoroughly, I seriously thought a team of fairies had arrived.
  • John Witek, who was a new volunteer to the garden and turns out to really know what he’s doing. (Maybe you’d like to do more of this, John?)
  • Johanna Bernhardt, who is the grandmother of a George Watts student and showed enormous caring and appreciation.
  • Kari Debbink, who volunteered to keep up the garden during the last week of summer vacation — and prep us for the start of a great year.




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