Summertime students pick a peck of peppers and then some

12 Jul

Like last summer, the school garden is bursting at the seams with vegetables. You might even call it jungle-like.

How are we getting all this food to our school community’s families? Well, let me tell you…

Every week through July, George Watts students are harvesting once a week, then giving away the fresh vegetables at our Garden Giveaway market.

The students are those attending summer sessions at the school — some are building literacy skills, while others are doing a Spanish-immersion class. Parents have to drop off or pick up their kids anyway, so we’re able to entice them with free cucumbers and peppers as they pass through the hall. (Take a look at some of these strange green bean-like peppers we’re growing this year. Ever seen anything like these?)

Big garlic crop this season!

One brave, bilingual seventh grader from Lakewood Montessori, named Luz, stepped up to lead the harvesting and marketing of vegetables this summer, although some of her gracious friends have popped in every week to help out.

The fabulous Luz with Elvia and Pamela

Today, on what must have been the hottest day of summer, with its 100˚-plus temps, the girls and students harvested dozens of vegetables for tomorrow’s market. I watched the older girls show the younger students how to, say, pinch off basil leaves or find the ripest tomatoes.

By the way, we have eight different varieties of tomatoes in the garden this season. You can tell them apart by the handy signage, made by parent Maria Oyaski — thanks, Maria!

After they were done, the girls — hot, tired and a little dirty — collapsed silently in the teachers’ workroom with ice pops.

P.S. If you missed it, The Herald-Sun did a story recently on the summer garden, as well as the shed-painting project — which I’ll write about next. Nice piece of writing by journalist Melody Guyton Butts.

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