Take my radishes — please!

15 Jun


I’ve written a guest post for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website today — a piece called “Finding Garden Solutions in Durham, N.C.” Here’s an excerpt for you…

I had spent the early-morning hours uprooting and tossing into the compost heap dozens of perfectly healthy lettuce plants from my daughters’ elementary school garden in Durham, N.C.

The crisp butter, red, arugula and romaine lettuces had gone mostly uneaten, and now the plants were starting to bolt, which meant their leaves would be too bitter to eat.


Nothing I had done so far had stopped food from the school garden, which I helped found two years ago, from being wasted, even as many adults and students griped about the heavily processed cafeteria fare. Students had watered these plants for weeks, thrilling over each new sprout, only for the green beauties to languish in the garden uneaten…

Read the rest of the story here.

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