Chef Andrea Reusing cooks with kids

1 Jun

Chef Andrea Reusing of Lantern came this week to harvest in the school garden and prepare a fresh salad with a buttermilk-based dressing — all built around what’s in our edible garden right now.

Chef Andrea has been in the news a lot lately, having recently published a fabulous cookbook called Cooking in the Moment and having just won the Best Chef in the Southeast award from the James Beard Foundation. (Is there no end to her talent?)

Kids relished the chance to forage for red and orange carrots, three different types of lettuces, radishes, edible flowers, broccoli seed pods, and radish flowers. We used chives, sorrel, onions and other herbs from the garden for the dressing. Back in the classroom, the kids were surprisingly open to all the new flavors as ingredients came together in a salad…

Chef Andrea Reusing in the school garden

Chef Andrea harvests radish seed pods

Nibbling on a radish seed pod

Harvesting the onion

Sorting through the pods and flowers

From top left: broccoli seed pods, broccoli flowers, radish flowers, onion flowers and radish seed pods

Fresh lettuce...

The finished salad!

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