Tomatoes, cantaloupe and squash — oh my!

24 Aug

I’ve heard from several parents that they felt so inspired by the school garden that they started on of their own at home. Here’s one such tale from parent Kisha Daniels, who has three children at George Watts:

Our adventures in gardening began around the same time as the veggies in the school’s Edible Garden began to bloom.

Our middle daughter (ever the optimist) encouraged us to believe that anything could grow with the right soil and full sun. While our son (ever the pragmatist) noted that not everything could grow in our urban landscape. Our youngest daughter (the challenger) challenged us to try!

This lead us to wonder, “What could we actually grow in our backyard?” The answer, as you can see by the pictures, is “quite a bit” (and even more veggies have come in since these were taken). Our garden has yielded big fat squash, cantaloupe, green beans, banana and chili peppers, sweet potatoes, cabbage, arugula, cauliflower and the boring old tomato.

I have to say that even I am impressed! Not only have we had fresh fruit and veggies this summer, but so have our neighbors and any random stranger that Grandpa meets.

Thank you, Watts, for introducing gardening to our family and turning my kids into urban farmers. We can’t wait until next season. Grandpa is sure that we can grow corn!

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