Path ready for prime time … almost

5 Aug

With the bulldozers running from dawn until dust, the playground walking trail is almost finished. Bikers and walkers are welcome to come take it for a spin.

This morning brought the arrival of a truckload of boulders, which will be used to slow down erosion on the grounds. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every time it rains, the small rivers running through the playground carry off loads of healthy soil and mulch. That’s not good for our play areas and plant life, and it’s not good for the street drains, where all the stuff flows.

I’m guessing the students will like the boulders, as well, but not for their erosion-reduction properties.

Perfect for a stroll, right?

Or a bike ride. Just take it easy on the curves your first time around.


Thanks to landscape designer Katherine Gill, for all her work transforming the playground.

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