The Great Tomato Giveaway!

19 May

Today at George Watts we’re sending home free tomato plants with families. Yours truly will be trotting out plants after school, accosting parents in the pick-up line. I sure hope we get a good response, because I have a LOT of tomato plants, people.

The idea is to encourage people to grow their own and become addicted to how great a fresh-grown vs. bulk-shipped tomato is. The other benefit: When kids grow it, they’ll eat it. Especially if it’s added to a grilled-cheese sandwich.

How to replicate it: This particular project happened because our school nutritionist (who works for the Department of Health) offered us the plants and bags and bags of potting soil. They were leftover from another plant giveaway happening at an East Durham school. A smaller batch of tomato seedlings were donated by a parent, who germinated more than she could plant at home.

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