Garden tour: George Watts’ Montessori Magnet

20 Nov

The school’s 3,000 sq. ft. educational Edible Garden was started this year, in partnership with Bountiful Backyards and using seed money from the PTA and Burt’s Bees. The demonstration garden now includes a rain garden, fruiting perennials (including blackberries, bush cherries, fig tree and pomegranates), a butterfly garden, herbs and annual vegetables.

The Edible Garden was built with two main objectives: to extend the classroom by using the gardening experience to teach, and to improve the eating and health habits of the school’s children. Because 60% of the school’s students are on Free & Reduced Lunch, the garden is especially important in providing more access to fresh, healthful foods — and teaching students how to garden themselves.

The Salad Garden

Herb Garden

The "Soup Garden"

Poetry bench

A view of the Rain Garden

Rock Bed, part of the bioretention system

Seed-planting station

Plenty of cans for watering



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